Here, reporting lives from the deep end of cannabis entrepreneurship and maintaining an in-depth culture perspective as big corporate cannabis attempts to steamroll social good. They support cannabis legalization for profit and not for freedom or justice.

If you are unfamiliar with what’s been going on in the legal Weed Market here in MA, please know the fight for a balanced market continues. The best part of balance is finding common ground.

May the purest business be blessed, with the odds deliberately stacked against them. The arrest rates and access to capital are unequivocally one-sided. And acts of police brutality all resting on your shoulders. Rise and stay away from fear mindsets, mainstream media, and mainstream ideas. Breakaway from the norms with balance and unity.

It’s been nearly a year since Major Bloom had an article written up in WGBH, which was a decent start to 2020. The segment sparked an internal analysis of branding opportunities and narrative pieces for the small business. …

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It’s been eight months since WGBH featured part of Major Bloom’s story ( Here’s Why Worcester County Is Dominating The State’s Burgeoning Cannabis Industry ) to its network. Cannabis has a long history of using the media for stories of propaganda, which is why you have to search and dig deep into what is truth. How can a cannabis business take control of its destiny and company narrative? Well, we have social media, and during these times of social crisis, you’d like to believe that ethics is at an all-time high in journalism.

With over 90% of the COVID-19 fatalities in the U.S. being over the age of 55+, it is a sensitive time for our parents and grandparents. The year was 1965, and your parents were infants, toddlers, or at some other childhood development stage. President Lyndon B. Johnson was working to overcome legal barriers at the state and local levels that prevented people of color from exercising their right to vote.

There is a KKK member who has a high power job and thinks she is good at hiding racism. Between her homelife (husband; kids; dog), work, and time with friends, each social circle, evokes different emotions in an attempt to strive for harmony. On the other side of the city, the blackest cannabis entrepreneur asks, “what do deliberate opportunities for harmed communities in cannabis look like?” Racism in the form of organizational crimes exists because the establishment is hard wired to suppress individual wrongdoings.

There is so much happiness and love in life that it is hard to understand why…

The school year is out, and it can be unsettling to think forward to the Fall and how the education system will playout. Just a few months ago, mid-January marked the start of a new term for nearly 77 million grade school and college students.

As fast as the COVID-19 spread, the education and work environment has shifted just as quickly. Lessons, assignments, and projects have transferred to the remote setting. There is no need to skip class when your classroom fits in your pocket.

As a first-year adjunct professor whose course started in person and moved online, I’ve learned…

Police officers arrest a demonstrator during a march after a vigil held for Kimani “Kiki” Gray in the East Flatbush neighborhood of Brooklyn on Wednesday. Dozens of arrests have taken place after three straight nights of vigils that turned into protests. (The Associated Press)

For decades, harsh marijuana laws, enforcement, and penalties have oppressed communities across the nation. Following the death of George Floyd and as a cannabis entrepreneur, I would not be comfortable speaking on police brutality if it weren’t for marijuana and my own experience with the boys in blue. What simple, measurable actions can cities and Police Departments take to reduce injustices? Not only in my personal experience, but across the population, we can see that these abuses of power during prohibition and excessive policing are not inseparable. The simple connection is systemic and institutional racism. …

Major Bloom’s Worcester Location

Apple has become one of the highest-value companies ever, partly because of its great margins on products. We pay between five-to-eight hundred dollars for a device that costs $8-to-$25 to produce. Could you imagine buying directly from the production factory in China? The brand identity and its appeal would be different.

For all products, every process after end product productions to getting into your finger-tips is noise. Many cannabis brands describe products as high-end, luxury, or premium, amongst the cliché words, while others dive into the shallow end of the cannabis health and wellness pool. …

In the cereal box, there are directions and a mail-back envelope. All you have to do is provide your idea and send the container back, and you are now a potential winner. Fast forward to the present day, your idea submissions are electronic, and end-users have the choice to directly support your idea.

Crowdsourcing, a term developed by Jeff Howe and Mark Robinson, editors at Wired, came into effect in 2005, where they explained how companies and institutions can now use the internet to outsource work. With the rise of social media, cousin Crowdfunding; has seen tremendous market growth over…

Large marijuana companies are typically multistate operators, either privately owned or publicly traded. On the private side, companies find funding through Private Equity, Venture Capital, Hedge funds, or a form of generational capital past sideways or downward. The public marijuana operators dress up in ticker symbols on the Canadian Stock Exchange, or they “don’t touch the plant” and list themselves on the U.S. Stock exchange.

Major Bloom is the startup local to New England, and on numerous occasions, while raising capital, an exit strategy becomes the topic. Selling the business requires thoughts of Major Bloom’s future valuation. Finding that sweet…

Ulysses Youngblood

Entrepreneur | Professor | Writer

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