Attack the Racist System, Not the Racist Person

There is a KKK member who has a high power job and thinks she is good at hiding racism. Between her homelife (husband; kids; dog), work, and time with friends, each social circle, evokes different emotions in an attempt to strive for harmony. On the other side of the city, the blackest cannabis entrepreneur asks, “what do deliberate opportunities for harmed communities in cannabis look like?” Racism in the form of organizational crimes exists because the establishment is hard wired to suppress individual wrongdoings.

There is so much happiness and love in life that it is hard to understand why one person would hate, culture rape, and commit crimes deliberately based on the victim’s skin color. Race criminals are not always committing offenses; when they do, they attempt to hide it. A racist crime within an organization can start subconsciously. Only after time; you began to realize that you’ve developed a biased and continue to get away with subtle racism, influencing your team at work, family, and friends.

The truth will rise from the dark. If you directly or indirectly participate in racism, only you can save yourself and find your moral compass, which will lead you to help others. The victims of racial organizational crimes only want to fix the system; they care less about you. When you experience true happiness, there is no hate. When high powered groups of decision-makers encounter love and joy but still perpetuate a racist system of oppression, crime becomes normalized and overlooked.

These wrongful acts become so routine that the groups designed to help prevail justice (those in law enforcement, criminal justice, etc.) also act like criminals. In other words, we are all surrounded by so much racism from business executives to your political leadership that we all become numb. At that moment, you now have to make a deliberate decision to defuse and deliver restoration to those impacted by racism in your environment or do nothing and hide.

Don’t call anyone out, don’t try to save them. Save yourself, double back, and support those in need. In the framework of home life now more than ever, its essential to properly discuss race relations in your household. Look around your company and listen for stereotypes or biases and speak up against racism. If you ignore and hide in the face of hateful racial rhetoric, you are now a part of the systemic problem. Find pleasure in becoming self-aware of racial bias and speak up against suppressive decisions.

Originally published at on June 23, 2020.

Entrepreneur | Professor | Writer

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Ulysses Youngblood

Ulysses Youngblood

Entrepreneur | Professor | Writer

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